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An inspired gastronomy journey in Bangkok


there is a type of food for everyone .

fine dining tables to street food recognized and acclaimed hidden spots

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Treat yourself to some of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok — and you don’t have to eat on the sidewalk, if you don’t want too. But bear in mind that there are some of the best street food now recogninzed and acclaimed to be some of the best food there it in the city of angles.
Fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with impressive modern interpretations. Sensory path of the Nature Inspired cuisine ? By creating a culinary journey from plate to palate, this appreciation for Royal Thai or Modern cuisine is truly special has elevated Thai food in Bangkok into world recognition, for most of the one we recommended (fine dining table or Street food)  as evidenced by many connoisseur and epicurean around the world to take a ‘culinary trip to Bangkok’.

Modern Cuisine

Inspired by the history in Thailand and chefs do try to go and see
if they can go back in history to find dishes that we can modernise and inspired.

its amazing, inventive restaurants which are trying new things and pushing Thai food down unchartered directions.

We will bring you closer to the wondrous art of Thai food.  Premium local products are paired with the finest ingredients to design unique flavours. Well, do you enjoy surprises?
Be ready for a unique culinary twist.

Royal cuisine

So, in short, what is  Royal Cuisine? A-harn Chao Wang, meaning food for people living in the palace. Food is served in set or Sum-rub with variety of dishes having different tastes, texture, colours, kinds and ways of cooking.

We call each of those individual dishes Kub Kao, meaning a dish to eat with rice; The portion of each Kub Kao is quite small. Variety seems to be the key.

A Thai feast for all the senses. By the river or in the city center, this is a unique dining experience , a legendary Thai lifestyle of days gone by is restored in all its glory at each of the restaurant we recommend.

Street food?

A little out of the way but this are ones of the best kept secrets for street food in the city.  The local legend that is Jay Fai continues what her father started 70 years ago and makes crab omelettes, crab curries and dry congee. By creating a culinary journey from plate to palate, this appreciation for Royal Thai cuisine is truly special, and maintains a close relationship with local farmers and artisans within Thailand.

Basically  show’s off what Thailand’s got to offer; a wide array of authentic Thai and popular western dishes.


Fine dinning?

These restaurant arewell known for their fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with impressive modern or classic interpretations. Some of the world’s very few Thai restaurants with a Michelin star are spraiding all over the city, and it would be a shame not to experience the taste and flavor of thailand cuisine.

Working with authentic Thai flavors, Chefs have meticulously prepared dishes made from the best ingredients that are grown locally in Thailand in order to, create authentic Thai cuisine that fits this Royal Thai dining experience, or if you are curious to experiment it, with a twist of molecular cuisine, for some.


Those Urban rustic Thai food designed to be enjoyed with drinks. Menu focuses on in-house preserved food made from quality Thai ingredients, naturally!! their chefs happily utilizes several Asian influences mostly though its deeply rooted in Thai culinary culture.

Bangkok is obviously one of the world’s best place to eat tasty Thai food. What we want are places that serve authentic and delicious Thai food, where the Thais themselves love to eat. We are often asked, “Where do they serve the best Thai food in Bangkok?” While that is an ‘almost’ impossible question to answer, here we will give you our A-list places to eat authentic, modern, street & classic, or Royal Thai food.

Why our selections & Recommendations

Simple yet sophisticated; always the freshest, best products available at restaurant we recommend.
Modern or Royal classic food, Epicurean atmosphere. The perfect place to celebrate the palate.
Focuses on in-house preserved food made from quality Thai ingredients, naturally!!
A wide array of authentic Thai popular dishes.
‘Hidden gems’ and local places as well (Thai Eatery or Street food) are welcome into our ‘big family’, by sharing the tastes of foods that Thai chefs grew up with, they proudly offer our “Family Recipe”d here.

100% epicurean

This is what Chefs believe clients deserve. In their kitchen they have a modern approach to classic dishes but remaining true to the ingredients, all inspire with innovative new creations, year aftter year for most of them.

Of course, some stay ‘classy’ and to prove it, the local legend that is Jay Fai continues what her father started 70 years ago and makes crab omelettes, crab curries and dry congee. 

If you travel for food, this BA-list for food lovers is for you. Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and a paradise for food lovers

Fine Dining


Street food


Royal & Classic Thai cuisine


Modern Thai Cuisine

Fine dining Table A-list

Bo.lan – Modern, Traditional, home-cooked Thai food revisted
Celadon – Royal Classic Traditional
R. Haarn – Royal Classic Traditional
Thiptara – Royal Classic, Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
Sra Bua by Kin Kin – Royal Classic revisited
Benjarong – Royal classic Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
Chon – Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
LeDu – Modern Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
Paste – Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
Issaya – Royal Classic
Nahm – Royal Classic revisted, Traditional, home-cooked Thai food
Baan – Traditional, home-cooked Thai food

100% Street food A-list

This is what we believe our guests deserve. In our kitchen we have a modern approach to classic dishes but remaining true to the ingredients. In the bar we cater to all with classic and inspire with innovative new cocktail creations.

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Bangkok is a bustling city where historic convention and young creatives find common ground. Savor delicious dishes, speak the local lingo, and submerge in vibrant arts and cultures. Find your comfortable spot in this place we call home.

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